Bay of Biscay Adventure from Douarnenez

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BE180720 Sat 18 Jul (15.00) Mon 27 July (10.00) Douarnenez La Coruna, Spain 10 days £1280 Book voyage »

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Sail from the French Coast across the Bay of Biscay to La Coruna, perfect for an open water adventure or mile building trip.


  • Underway in Mounts Bay
  • Bessie Ellen Porto to Bristol sailing

Voyage Description

Cross the Bay of Biscay and join the crew for watches, reefing sails and taking part in navigating and all other aspects of a wooden vessel as she journeys down. This is an ideal opportunity for mile building towards yacht master accreditation or for those wanting open water sailing experience.

Once across the bay and cruising around the coast of northern Spain we can visit tiny traditional fishing ports with their quaint and ancient stone corn storage buildings while tasting local wines, tapas and excellent seafood in the shorefront bars. After exploring in the Rias on the north coasts, we may get the chance of coach trip to the ancient Spanish city of Santiago de Compostella. Wander the streets within the walls of this old medieval city, revelling in its history and elaborately carved stone architecture opening onto grand plazas.

Finish in La Coruña whose town’s history is closely connected with its historic fishing and trading port, and the peninsula on which the historic part of town is situated is home to an interesting Romanesque road network with squares and medieval churches as well as the Hercules Tower, the oldest lighthouse in the world. The Museum of Fine Arts, with works by Goya and others on display, is also worth a visit.



The Bay of Biscay hosts some spectacular wildlife such as pods of Fin and Minke whales and of course hundreds of Atlantic common Dolphin.  Last year the record of 14 fin whales were seen in one day just to the west of the continental shelf. Many years ago a false killer whale played in the wake in around the same region.

Migrating birds can be a common visitor in the evenings as they fly southwards, mostly the smaller summer birds but later on egrets can stay the night.


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