Bay of Biscay passage to Newlyn

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BE220820 Sat 22 Aug (15.00) Mon 31 Aug (10.00) Vigo, Spain Newlyn, Cornwall 10 £1280 Book voyage »

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Sail with Bessie Ellen from Vigo on the Galician coast on her journey home to Cornwall for 10 days of exhilarating sailing.

  • Cies Islands-Vigo
  • Bessie Ellen Spain
  • Bessie Ellen crew helm

Voyage Description

Begin your sailing holiday in the traditional fishing port of Vigo, still home to Europe’s largest fishing fleet! An industrious port on the one hand but a traditionally and culturally Spanish on the other. Wander the old city walls and soak up the historic Spanish architecture, old tavernas and traditional tapas bars before you board Bessie Ellen.

As you sail out of the Vigo estuary, you may stop and explore the beautiful Iles Cies. An archipelago situated in the mouth of the River Vigo and now a designated National Park teeming with birdlife. Anchor in its picturesque sheltered coves and swim in its glistening clear waters to the stretches of sandy white beaches. Follow the walking trails as they meander higher amongst the trees before reaching Mount Faro – a fabulous point offering spectacular panoramic views.

Continuing up the Northwesterly Galician coast, the sailing will mostly be made by day, however, there may be an opportunity for an overnight sail up the coast. As you make your way up, there will be opportunities to explore stunning locations such as Muros. A seafront town lined with ancient granite-paved streets, traditional Spanish markets and bustling taverns. La Coruña is a town rich in history and still closely connected with its fishing and trading port history. The peninsula on which the historic part of town is situated, is home to an interesting Romanesque road network with squares and medieval churches as well as the Hercules Tower, the oldest lighthouse in the world.

From La Coruña begin your journey sailing across the Bay of Biscay towards the French coast. Become part of Bessie Ellen’s voyage crew, standing watches, reefing sails and taking part in navigating and all other aspects of life on a wooden vessel as she journeys across. This is an ideal opportunity for mile building towards yacht master accreditation.

Your return destination will see you on the Cornish coast – Bessie Ellen’s true home. Port in the quaint fishing village of Newlyn, a picture perfect way to end a sailing holiday on a classic tallship!

The time at sea is yours to make your own and guests are invited to become as involved as much as they like by taking the wheel, navigating or hauling the ropes.

All food and soft drinks are included in your ticket price.


Crossing Biscay hosts some spectacular wildlife watching opportunities with sightings of pods of Fin and Minke whales and of course hundreds of Atlantic common Dolphin. Last year the record of 14 fin whales were seen in one day just to the west of the continental shelf. Many years ago a false killer whale played in the wake in around the same region.

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