Late Summer Sailing through Scandinavia

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BE180921 Sat 18 Sept 12.00 Mon 27 Sept 12.00 Frederikstad Norway Amaliehaven, Copenhagen 10 £1450 Book voyage »

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Sail with Bessie Ellen as she sails from Norway to the Danish capital city of Copenhagen and explores the Swedish archipelago and the coasts of Denmark.

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Voyage Description

Join Bessie Ellen in the wonderful city of Frederikstad, close to the capital Oslo  & begin your voyage over  10 days, exploring some of the best of Scandinavia. Should the Autumn weather be kind, from here it is a perfect sail across the Skaggerak to Risor, Norway to sample their famous herring and aquavit before sailing back towards Gothenburg and towards our final destination of Copenhagen.

Late summer cruising through the wonderful Swedish islands and waterways has so much to offer for the traveller and sailor. With some overnight sailing to reach  what Scandinavian sailors call the best sailing area in the world – and quite rightly so, as each day the diverse coastline explores a land rich in maritime history and tradition.


The Swedish coast is made up of thousands upon thousands of smooth granite islands and the seas here are peppered with rocks crowned with heathers and small shrubs. Narrow inlets lead into deep sheltered harbours and Marstrand is a perfect example. Entering the harbour, white wooden houses line the narrow streets- the epitome of Scandi-chic. It is no wonder that this perfect Swedish town is a major centre for competitive sailing and cruising.

After stopping overnight, the voyage now has no set plan as we sail Bessie Elle to wherever we feel, stopping to walk a little, tie up in deep waters to smooth rocks for a breathtaking swim, or simply enjoy the sheer pleasure of ambling around sweet wooden villages steeped in sailing history. Gullholmen is an absolute favourite with streets worn from granite with picture-postcard cottages nestled in comfortably. Many years ago, Swedish fisherman from Gullholmen sailed to British East coast ports, buying laid up sailing trawlers, perfect for continuing their small scale herring fishery. Today, this fishing town remains well preserved.


As evening descends into a stunning  sunset, you can join in with the crew sailing overnight towards Anholt. Famous for seafood and birdlife, this fascinating sandy island makes for intriguing exploring with the land having remained uninhabited for thousands of years. You may even strike lucky and find a stone-age flint!


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