Early Autumn Explore the Charming Danish Landscapes & Islands. Includes Apple harvest & Traditional Boat Regatta

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BE0021021 Sat 2 Oct (12.00) Sun 10 Oct (12.00) Amaliehaven, Copenhagen Svendborg, Denmark 9 £1025 Book voyage »

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Sail with Bessie Ellen as she explores the many charming landscapes and islands of Denmark and experiences the traditional Danish Apple Harvest and traditional boat regatta.

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Voyage Description

Sailing days may get shorter at this time of year but there is still plenty to enjoy out on the water in Scandinavia on Bessie Ellen. Denmark is a perfect Autumn break to get out and experience wonderful flat water sailing, delightful islands and the genuine warmth and friendliness of the Danish.

Rich in culture and heritage, Copenhagen starts off the last voyage of the year in a sensational way. From our berth in Amaliehaven, take a short walk for an early morning coffee and a Danish pastry in the picturesque Nyhavn. The most colourful street in the city of Copenhagen with architectural delights dating back to the 17th century where cafes line the canal replete with old wooden sailing ships.

Apart from Jutland, Denmark is entirely made up of hundreds of islands both large and small. Copenhagen is on the largest island of Sjaelland with our final destination of Svendborg on the island of Fyn. The variety and individuality of all the other islands make this voyage a real favourite with guests and crew.

Samsoe, famous for its organic agriculture offers a welcome stop to hire bikes and discover the island for yourself. Be sure to sample the local potatoes – they are seriously good! Equally, it may be the stunning and remote island of Bornholm out in the East or the smaller island of Aero renowned for its seafaring and shipbuilding, that captures your heart. The easy pace of life in Aero makes both the main town of Aeroskobing and Marstal a perfect way to spend a few days.

Each year at the end of the sailing season, the Maritime Center in Svendborg organises a collection of tall ships and traditional sailing vessels to meet on the islands of Tassinge where the islands collect the harvest of apples from the orchards to deliver to a chosen vessel. After a good knees-up of traditional food and music, the following day, the ships race with the apple cargo back to the wooden quays in the historic port of Svendborg. Traditionally, townsfolk have always come to sample and trade some of the finest apples in the land along with other agricultural goods. A truly unique and heartwarming way to end your sailing holiday.

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