An Irish Sea Voyage to Cornwall incl. Watch Keeping

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BE270620 Sat 27 June (15.00) Mon 6 July (10.00) Oban Newlyn 10 £1025 Book voyage »

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With the lengthening of the days, we set off South, leaving behind our Scottish home to sail a sea voyage surrounded by Celtic countries. Our voyage will take us down the North Channel with her strong tides, passing the Clyde and onward to the Irish Sea.

Night sailing offers a sense of peace as the ship settles down for the night, leaving a handful of sailors on deck to watch the stars, billowing canvas and the gentle creaking of blocks takes you back in time. You can ponder the many years that Bessie Ellen plied her trade in these waters between Wales and Ireland. Again, as with sailing ships, the weather will have a huge influence on our passage plan and ports of call.

Voyage Details

Voyage Description

If you really want to get away from it all and experience a working passage aboard a traditional vessel, then this is a wonderful opportunity to take the chance to do something really different. You will help the crew stand watches, carry out log book duties and help with traditional skilled maintenance – even baking the bread. Each watch is 4 hours long with 8 hours rest.

On leaving the North Channel, we continue heading South-West towards the Isle Of Man and the harbour at Peel. This is an ideal first stop on the route to Cornwall, and one of the purposes of our visit will be to stock up on kippers. Kippers have been produced in Peel since at least the 19th Century and although a dwindling industry herring still play a major part of local sustainable economy.

As ‘Man’ slips astern we will head on towards St George’s  Channel past the mountains of Mourne.  Depending on the weather, our usual route stays close to the Irish shores to visit Port Oriel, Howth or Wicklow, with the final longer passage across the Celtic Sea towards Cornwall.

In the closing stages of the voyage, our ship will endeavour to  call in at St Mary’s, Scilly, a prefect place to visit in the late autumn, then setting the course for home, passing the infamous Wolf Rock and Lands End.


This time of year young guillemots, fulmar and some whales are all common sightings although in different areas. A large pod of Dolphin is a usual visitor around The Smalls and Lundy areas.


  • Puffins in the hebrides
  • Seal heads in water
  • Dolphin jumping out of water

Useful Information

How to get there:

By Rail: To Glasgow then change for Oban

Start Location:

End Location:

Where to Stay:

The Old Coastguard Hotel

Visitor Attractions:

St Ives is not far and you may have some time to visit The Tate Gallery

Newlyn, Mousehole and Penzance are largely fishing towns but well worth a  wander through small streets.


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