Responsible Tourism

We aim to connect with guests on our trips, and to share in a complete understanding of our impact of the area we sail in, and any environmental issues that may occur. Wildlife is treated as wildlife, the crew work on the basis that wildlife comes to us, and we marvel at those rare breeds that we do come into close quarters with – and those moments are the most magical of all.

Because most of our destinations tend to visit islands or more remote areas, we need to be aware of our on board environmental impact, and uphold policies to minimise this. The majority of our garbage is recycled where possible, and we are strongly against toiletries that contain microbes and provide environmentally aware substitutes.

Bessie Ellen was built to sail, and so we ask you help us set all the sails so that we can travel using just the power of the wind. Of course, some days this is not possible – if there is no wind, the diesel engines are necessary to complete the voyage.

Our food will, where possible, be locally sourced. Fish and shellfish direct from the small boats and meat from local farms means that we will support local fishermen, island farmers and producers. All our other food – naturally – is chosen for minimum packaging and damaging impact to landscapes and cultures.

We are also great foragers, and the cook will get you out to help harvest what we find, either on land or the sea shore. Most days a crab pot is set for the night and you will be set the task of helping the crew find the right spot and send it down. In Scotland, there are berries on trees and bushes, and, if lucky, chanterelles (or girolles) can be found in wooded areas. The harvesting is, of course, to be done with good conduct, and the main goal with this is to supply ourselves with food.