Sailing Holidays – Cornwall

Where better than to experience the rugged Cornish scenery than from the sturdy deck of a beautiful tall-ship? Cornwall’s coastline is paramount to her rich history; tales of trade and smuggling intertwine themselves with the dramatic cliffs and sweeping sandy bays. When squinting though sunlight at the billowing white sails above, gulls wheeling and crying, it’s hard not to feel intrinsically linked with Cornish heritage.

The variety of life aboard

Learning the ropes of traditional sailing is a great challenge for sea-dogs and landlubbers alike. The rewards are simply breathtaking: being aboard a historic ship cascading over ocean-blue waves is a thrilling experience for all ages.

All your hard work pays off in other ways too, with everyday visits to quaint harbours where you can sample some delicious clotted cream ice cream and soak up the hustle and the bustle of a busy Cornish summer. Of course, if it all gets too much, you can sail away to any number of secluded sandy beaches, accessible only by water, so tranquility is guaranteed.

Bessie Ellen sailing along the Cornish coast
Sheltered coves and starlit nights

Perhaps one of the best parts of staying on Bessie Ellen in Cornwall are the still evenings, where the peaceful little coves in which she anchors become an astronomer’s dream. The star-studded sky seems infinite from the deck, where you can lie for as long as you like; observing comets, shooting stars, and the silvery moon, which often lights a shimmering path across the darkened waters. You’ll be swept away by the romance of Cornwall and its stark contrast to modern life.

Home comforts

The Bessie Ellen is very comfortable, offering you everything you need throughout your time on board. In Cornwall particularly, food forms an important part of life, both ashore and afloat. The crew endeavour to source local delicacies where possible, making sure you receive the superlative Cornish dining experience to ensure your stay is truly outstanding.

Don’t just take our word for it – as featured in The Guardian

Sailing past coves and into historic ports gives a sense of Cornwall’s nautical heritage in a way land trips can’t, and there is a definite romance to sailing a ship as old and experienced as Bessie Ellen.” – The Guardian