Meet Bracken, New Crew for 2020

We are delighted to announce that Bessie Ellen has a new crew member joining us for 2020 and we would like to introduce you before you climb aboard. 


His name is Bracken and comes in the small and furry variety and will be Bessie Ellens  sea dog…. We obviously appreciate that although we are dog lovers, not everyone may feel the same way. If you have any concerns at all about travelling on Bessie Ellen with Bracken, please do let us know. We want our guests to have the best experience and if this doesn’t involve a sea dog, we completely respect that and Bracken can remain ashore at his second home.

His time on the ship will be spent in the Captains quarters and will not be sailing overseas. 

So, if you are allergic or worried about Bracken being on board, please us let know otherwise we will assume that you cannot wait for cuddles!”Bessie Ellen Bracken.jpg

One thought on “Meet Bracken, New Crew for 2020

  1. Gracey Francis on said:

    Thats it ! Im signing on and coming onboard 0n the condition that Bracken is onboard also ! Is a ships cat a possibility ? I read recently that Pirates favoured Crows rather than Parrots ? see you soon, signing off to save up .

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